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Experienced PDR Catastrophe Manager

We are dedicated to assist your organization with the complete hail repair...

Competitive Rates

Major insurance companies do not allow sublet mark-up on PDR and our goal is...

Life Time Warranty

Hi-tech PDR guarantees that the vehicle’s paint will not crack, chip or...

Certified PDR Techs

Our technicians perform only the highest quality repairs as we require our...

POPULAR products

  • VP02 3PC 18/20/24 black and gun metal

    $1,890$2,335 Details
  • VKP 3PC 18/20/24 custom painted

    $1,795$2,290 Details
  • VDRM 3PC 18/20/24 polished steel, matt

    $1,895$2,450 Details
  • SETTE-F 18/20/24 polished chrome

    $1,795$2,400 Details